Welcome to the Gold Fortress Institute!

It is an honour to welcome you to the Gold Fortress Institute, an online education programme for various age groups, subjects and needs.

Our Institute does not only focus on Sec examinations but it also provides other courses which enrich the student with a new skill, such as programming courses tailored for children and teens.

Our Institute boasts an academic staff who are not only qualified, warranted and with years of experience but who hold the profession of teaching close to their heart.

We believe that this is very important as we are aware that students are more successful when the educator can level to them and tailor the programme around their needs. Thus, our staff is carefully selected by the board to ensure high quality service to our loyal students.

Our mission is to provide all our students with the required knowledge to help them succeed in a loving and caring environment, with no more than ten students per online session so that our teachers can provide individual attention to all those present. Each lesson will be recorded and uploaded on our online platform to facilitate their studies. In addition, at our Institute one can avail from our one-to-one sessions which will be tailored to cover areas specific to the needs of the student.

Gold Fortress Institute is the first educational foundation that is built specifically for live online learning. Thus, our online platform was developed specifically with video integration in mind for best quality lesson delivery. We strongly believe that lessons taken over and above school hours are more comfortable and accessible online for various reasons which may have hindered a student from getting additional educational assistance.

Once again, we welcome you to join our online family where your future, your achievement is our piece of gold.

Welcome Back, We Missed You!